2017 Health Education Learning Series

Sessions held at St. Petersburg Free Clinic – 5501 4th St. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33703. For details call 727-327-0333.

All welcome, no pre-registration required.  Current patients of the clinic may receive diabetic supplies at all sessions held at the clinic.

Health Education Learning Series

Sessions 5:45-6:30 pm @ the clinic, 5501 4TH ST N    (727) 327-0333

No pre-registration required, all welcome.  Current eligible Clients of the Clinic may receive diabetic supplies and DAP med pick up at all education sessions held at the clinic @ 5:45 PM.  Personal 1:1 consults available starting at 5:30-5:45pm, before education sessions, or may be scheduled daytime during the week.

Contact: Jeff Tomes – Clinical RN/Diabetic & Health Educator; DPP health coach.

No pre-registration required, all welcome.  Current eligible Clients of the Clinic may receive diabetic supplies and DAP meds from 5:15-5:45pm; Personal 1:1 consults available prior to class or by appointment.  For additional details please contact the clinic @ 727-327-0333

Monday September 4th – In observance of the Labor Day holiday the clinic will be closed.

Monday September 11th – What are my best choices of healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates? Please join Jeff, the clinics RN health educator and Chef Donna from the University of Florida nutrition extension program as we provide you with the best options when choosing foods for a healthy meal, especially for those with diabetes, high cholesterol and weight or heart challenges. All participants will be provided a healthy fat, protein and carbohydrate salad to take home and enjoy.

Monday September 18th – SUGAR, how sweet it is; everything you need to know about sugar”.  This is the 1st of a two part session. Gain an understanding of the history of sugar, where sugar comes from, viewing a video of how it’s chemically processed and brought to your table. We will then discuss different types of sugar, if one is better than another, along with how much our body needs, amounts contained in alcoholic drinks and what happens if we constantly take in too much sugar. This is one of Jeff’s most popular sessions!

Monday September 25th – “Medications 101” – For many individuals, medications are an integral part of managing health conditions of persons living with diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid, chronic pain or blood pressure problems. We welcome Dr. Keith Enerio, Pharmacy Doctor and Owner of the 4th ST Pharmacy (5415 4th ST N-St. Petersburg) who will share why we are prescribed medications and what to expect from them. Dr. Keith will also share ways to possible reduce your expenses when purchasing meds and offers medication counseling at his business. Please bring your medication questions for Dr. Keith.

Monday October 2nd – “SUGAR, How sweet it is; become a master sugar detective.”  In our final session of the sugar series we discuss how to find & calculate the amounts of sugar in what we consume; furthermore we share the most dangerous foods/drinks to avoid if you are living with diabetes or other health challenges. We will also cover how to properly read and understand nutritional labels.