2019 Health Education Learning Series

Sessions 5:45-6:30 pm
Health Center
5501 4th St N., 33703
(727) 327-0333

No registration required, all are welcome.  Current eligible clients of SPFC may receive diabetic supplies and DAP meds from 5:00-5:45 pm. Guests are welcome to attend. For 1:1 health education & diabetic consults, please contact Anna Stoiber, RN (x317) to make an appointment.

Monday April 1st  – April fool’s day – Smoking cessation – Samantha Staley (2 hours) Samantha is the Department of Health’s Community Outreach Champion. Her classes are designed to inform and empower people to “Just Say No” to cigarettes.

Monday, April 8thAnthony Pine MSIS, RN – Diabetes Type 2 an overview. Tony Pine is the Nurse Manager of the St. Petersburg Free Clinic. His class is designed to provide everyone with a working knowledge of Type 2 Diabetes and new drugs used to treat!

Monday, April 15thJan Schamus has an extensive background in finances and will be providing a class on financial stability and health a topic we could all benefit from.

Monday, April 22nd – Kristin Lewis MPH, CPH. Kristin is the community health director for the American Heart Association in St. Petersburg. She will be providing a class on the “The Seven Metrics that Impact Healthy Living the Most.”

Monday, April 29thPaul Delucia has is Diplomate in Oriental Medicine. The focus of his class will be how Acupuncture and immune boosting herbs can improve overall health.

Monday, May 6thJan Schamus spent 43 years in the financial services industry as a financial advisor, training manager and coach to other financial advisors. Tonight he is providing part two of his Personal Finance series, “How to Set Smart Financial Goals.”

Monday, May 13thSherry and Mike Femal started the Nihonzashi sword school in 2006. They teach a form of Japanese Sword called Toyama Ryu. Mike has won 12 gold medals in competitions in both the United States and Japan. Students of all ages use a bokken (oak representation of a sword) to practice forms called Waza.  These forms can be practiced alone or in a group, require only a small space to train in and are considered an excellent form of exercise. As we all know, exercise is essential to helping control blood sugars. We encourage everyone who can to attend.

Monday, May 20thDiana Thomas RN, CDE is employed at St. Anthony’s hospital as a Diabetic Educator. She joins us today to discuss how the impact of proper nutrition and exercise helps type 2 diabetics keep tight control of blood sugars and staves off cardiovascular changes.

Monday, May 27th – Memorial Day – No Class