2017 Health Education Learning Series

Sessions held at St. Petersburg Free Clinic – 863 3rd AVE. North, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. For details call 727-327-0333.

All welcome, no pre-registration required.  Current patients of the clinic may receive diabetic supplies at all sessions held at the clinic.

Health Education Learning Series

Sessions 5:45-6:30 pm @ the clinic, 5501 4TH ST N    (727) 327-0333

No pre-registration required, all welcome.  Current eligible Clients of the Clinic may receive diabetic supplies and DAP med pick up at all education sessions held at the clinic @ 5:45 PM.  Personal 1:1 consults available starting at 5:30-5:45pm, before education sessions, or may be scheduled daytime during the week.

Contact: Jeff Tomes – Clinical RN/Diabetic & Health Educator; DPP health coach.

Monday July 31st – “ Let’s get pumping” ;  Juanita Motsinger RN and health education volunteer leads this interesting session about what actually is the heart and the parts of it, how it works and the benefits of daily activity to maintain a healthy pumping heart, along with information on  the clinics new cardiovascular program.

Monday August 7thThe future is in your hands” Jeff, the clinics RN health educator leads a discussion about how to take control of your diabetes for future health success. We will view a short inspirational video portraying how a native Indian community in Arizona took control to improve their diabetes and overall health. We look forward to your comments & feedback following the video.

Monday August 14th – How well are your kidneys working?  Jeff provides you with a simple to understand “snapshot” of the kidneys, the importance of keeping them healthy and how high blood pressure or blood sugar damages these sensitive organs, many times without advanced warning. We will also discuss the stages of Kidney disease and what can be done to improve their function.

Monday August 21st– Healthy St. Pete; Building a stronger & healthier community. Learn about how the Healthcare & wellness council of Tampa Bay is partnering with community leaders to improve health outcomes while focusing on the impact areas of live healthy, shop healthy, eat healthy and play healthy. A short video will be shown as well to highlight problems facing communities across the country and changes being made. Your feedback is welcome

Monday August 28th – Got “the blues” and don’t know why?  Did you know many health challenges may cause us to feel, tired, unmotivated, sleep deprived and generally sad, not allowing us room for improvement.  Join Jeff and Robyn, one of the clinics counselors as we discuss quality outcomes for those who live with diabetes, heart or other health problems.