2017 Health Education Learning Series

Sessions held at St. Petersburg Free Clinic – 5501 4th St. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33703. For details call 727-327-0333.

All welcome, no pre-registration required.  Current patients of the clinic may receive diabetic supplies at all sessions held at the clinic.

Health Education Learning Series

No pre-registration required, all welcome.  Current eligible Clients of the Clinic may receive diabetic supplies and DAP meds from 5:15-5:45 pm; Personal 1:1 consults available prior to class or by appointment.  For additional details please contact the clinic @ 727-327-0333

Monday February 26th – Do’s & don’ts of diabetic foot care and understanding blood flow in the lower extremities; Join Jeff and Dr. David Gross podiatrist / vascular foot surgeon, as we review the greater challenges met by persons living with diabetes or vascular issues, proper ways to take care of our feet and how blood flows in and out of our lower extremities. Free diabetic foot cream provided to all in attendance, while supply lasts.

Monday March 5th –    “SUGAR” How much is too much?   Jeff, the clinics RN diabetic educator discusses the food and drink culprits of high sugar, how much our bodies need and methods of reducing sugar intake to stabilize our blood sugar numbers. We also discuss whether one type of sugar may be better than another for consumption and will round out the session highlighting the benefits of fiber in reducing blood sugar spikes.

Monday March 12th – The importance of regular dental care.  Claudia Rosas, the clinics Dental coordinator specialist shares insight on the importance of taking care of your teeth/gums, especially if with diabetes and highlights programs available in our community to help you maintain proper dental care. We will also discuss how poor dental health/ cavities may lead to heart problems. All in attendance will receive a toothbrush, floss and mouthwash to take home.    

Monday March 19th – Healthy diabetic snack choices.  Join Jeff and Chef Donna (Univ.Florida Nutrition extension) as we highlight the smartest choices of snacks for those living with diabetes and facing challenges with their weight. Some may surprise you & we will taste test a few as well!  

Monday March 26th – Keep your heart healthy and maintain the beat!   We welcome Debra Hunter, Cardiac ARNP as we discuss simple ways to keep your heart healthy and pumping. Debra will also discuss the clinics Cardiovascular care program and eligibility.