2018 Health Education Learning Series:

Sessions 5:45-6:30 pm @ the clinic, 5501 4TH ST N, 33703; (727) 327-0333

No pre-registration required, all welcome. Current eligible Clients of the Clinic may receive diabetic supplies and DAP meds from 5:30-5:45 pm; Guests welcome to attend; for 1:1 health education & diabeticconsults by appointment, please Contact Jeff Tomes RN/DE 

Monday November 5th – “My friend told me there is a pill to cure diabetes”.   The internet is full of claims that certain pills will help to cure diabetes….. Regretfully this isn’t the truth. Join Jeff as he discusses the new generation of diabetes FDA approved medications and a few natural remedies that won’t cure diabetes but may slow its progression.

Monday November 12th – How to better manage stress; as health care professionals we see first-hand how stressors adversely affect our health, to include raising blood sugar and blood pressure. We welcome Maureen Pertik RN PHD to discuss how to identify different types of stress and share techniques for stress reduction through several methods including meditation.

Monday November 19th – Best snacks and desserts choices for those living with Diabetes.  Chef Donna (University of Florida Nutritional outreach program) joins Jeff as we whip up a few diabetic friendly desserts and snacks for you to sample. We will also discuss why a correctly timed small healthy snack may actually help you control your blood sugar levels.

Monday November 26th – Navigating the holidays. Join Anna Stoiber, the clinics RN healthy living coach as she provides insight to those living with diabetes on methods to get through and enjoy the holidays while maintaining our healthy habits.

Monday December 3rd – Take care of your feet.  We welcome Podiatrist Dr. Davis Gross, addressing issues of Neuropathy and proper foot care for those living with diabetes.  Beatrice Morris, owner of Bonjour nail salon will be here as well to discuss importance of proper nail care for diabetics. All in attendance will receive a jar of high quality diabetic foot cream, discount coupon for a pedicure and placed in drawing for one free pedicure.

Monday December 10th – Reducing stress and exercise with Restorative yoga. We welcome Betsy Wells RN/certified yoga instructor to guide us through a session of relaxation.

Monday December 17th – Join Jeff and Chef Donna for a surprise holiday culinary learning event!

NO education classes December 24 or December 31st; join us back on Monday January 7th.