Over the past year, the Free Clinic continued to expand the food assistance services provided to our hungry neighbors. The We Help Services food bank was renovated into the Client Choice Pantry.

The Client Choice pantry allow clients to choose the food they want within a structured process and assistance of our volunteers. Our volunteers interview each client to evaluate what their needs are and walk with them through the pantry to help select foods that will be eaten in their homes.

Allowing clients to choose their own food is particularly beneficial to those with health conditions that diet impacts like diabetes or high blood pressure. Healthier foods like fruits, vegetables and other fresh, perishable foods are now more readily accessible to clients.

The Free Clinic’s ability to store and distribute food, including fresh produce and other perishables, was increased in 2017 through the purchase of the Jared S. Hechtkopf Community Food Bank, and the transformation of the food bank into the Client Choice Pantry allows the Free Clinic to serve even more people.

Generous donations totaling $403,000 made the Client Choice Pantry possible, and 80 percent of the donations were made by our dedicated volunteers.

A record 7.6 million pounds of food was collected and distributed to more than 55,000 individuals each month in our community. In addition to individuals who come to our Client Choice Pantry, the food is distributed by our partner network, which includes food pantries, shelters, community kitchens, missions, residential programs, and child care centers. |