When we first met Aimee she had just visited the emergency room with a dangerous dental abscess and a diagnosis of Hyperthyroidism. After that event, Aimee was constantly in excruciating pain. She didn’t know where to turn because she couldn’t afford treatment.

Desperate for help, her grandfather found information on St. Petersburg Free Clinic. She was  seen by a medical doctor and then referred to the dental department. Aimee showed up to a Saturday Dental Clinic very nervous and without any hope. When our Dental Coordinator, Claudia, asked about her situation she simply said every single tooth is bad.

That day she had 13 teeth extracted! Aimee commented that “the staff was amazing. No one treated me like I was less of a person because I couldn’t afford to pay, which says a lot about each and every one of the people working with St. Petersburg Free Clinic.”

The volunteer dentist who treated Aimee at that clinic wanted to do more to help so he reached out to our Dental Clinic and asked to be connected with Aimee directly. He offered to do an upper and lower partial for her at no cost!

Aimee says “after having my treatment done I no longer wake up every morning with pain. I don’t know how I could ever repay any of you. Please know from the bottom of my heart how grateful I am and that I will never forget the kindness the Free Clinic showed and the blessing Dr. Blair Snoke gave me, a healthy smile!