Jim* owns a small business that does residential remodeling jobs. With the skills from his trade he has always been able to support himself and his son. Recently, a serious medical issue prevented him from working. With no health insurance he was reluctant to seek expensive emergency treatment but when the pain became too much he had no choice but to go to the emergency room.   The ER was unable to diagnose the issue, so Jim remained out of work and in pain.

Days turned into weeks and one after another Jim had to turn down jobs due to his health issues. The bills were starting to pile up and no money was coming in.  Jim did the only thing he could to continue to support himself and his son – he started to sell off his tools to keep afloat, the very tools he needs for his profession once he is feeling better.

Fortunately, Jim heard about St. Petersburg Free Clinic and set an appointment with the Health Center to begin to address his health issues. While setting his appointment, he learned about We Help Services.

For weeks, after all his bills were paid, the only food Jim had been able to afford was Ramen noodles, and the next week Jim’s son would be with him. We Help Services was able to provide Jim with a weeks’ worth of groceries including meat, rice and fresh fruits and vegetables. This is just the support Jim needed to get through this challenging time, as the Health Center begins the process of diagnosing Jim and getting him on the road to recovery and back to work. Jim is so thankful for the food the Free Clinic was able to provide to him and his son and says he will never forget this kindness extended to him. 

*Name changed to protect identity of client.