Stanley Plaga began giving to St. Petersburg Free Clinic over 20 years ago. The Free Clinic only started keeping records in 1989, so we don’t know when his first gift was, but he gave moderately and rarely restricted his giving. If he did restrict his giving, it was restricted to food. Unfortunately, we don’t know much more about Stanley except that he wanted to make sure his legacy of giving would continue after his passing.

After his wife Doris passed away, Stanley made arrangements in his Last Will and Testament to leave his estate to his sisters and three charities. The Free Clinic was blessed to be one of the charities named.

We weren’t aware of his giving until November 2017 when Stanley’s attorney sent notification of his passing and that we were named as a beneficiary.

It took one year for the estate to be settled, but in November 2018, the Free Clinic received $182,000 from Stanley Plaga’s estate. Again, Stanley did not restrict the gift and it could be used where most needed. A gift of this size can provide over 900 children with a Pack-A-Sack every Friday during the school year so they do not go hungry on the weekend, water bill assistance for 1 year for over 2,000 clients, or 36 truckloads of fresh produce.

Stanley Plaga could not make a gift of this size while he was living, but he felt compelled to leave a legacy and the Free Clinic is grateful that we can be a part of his legacy. We only wish Stanley had notified us that we had been named in his will so that we could thank him for making the arrangements and caring so deeply about his neighbors in need.

If you have named St. Petersburg Free Clinic in your will, please reach out and notify Debbie Sokolov so she can add you to our Legacy Society and we can express our gratitude for such a meaningful gift.

Debbie Sokolov
Director of Development and Homeless Programs
863 3rd Ave. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33701
727.821.1200 ext. 110