The Health Education Program encourages and supports patients on their path to living a healthier, fuller life through two key prevention programs: the Diabetes Education Program and the Cardiovascular Program.

Diabetes Education Program
This program provides education, support and provision of medication and supplies to diabetic patients in our Health Center. The education has provided significant, measurable improvement in the health and lives of our diabetic patients.

In 2015-2016, a value of $1.3 million in medication was acquired for our diabetic patients.

Cardiovascular Program
This program provides patients with cardiovascular wellness tests, treatment plans, and educational workshops to improve and manage their heart health. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are among the most common diagnosis of Free Clinic patients.

For the schedule of upcoming Health Education classes, click here.

2018 Health Education Learning Series:

Sessions 5:45-6:30 pm @ the clinic, 5501 4TH ST N, 33703; (727) 327-0333

No pre-registration required, all welcome. Current eligible Clients of the Clinic may receive diabetic supplies and DAP meds from 5:30-5:45 pm; Guests welcome to attend; for 1:1 health education & diabetic consults by appointment, please Contact Jeff Tomes RN/DE

Monday May 21st – Taking care of your eyes, upcoming free eye exams.
Ophthalmologist – Dr. Grace Levy Clarke will join us to discuss different types of
eye challenges those face living with diabetes or high blood
pressure. Dr. Levy Clark will also provide information on upcoming
free eye exams (with possibility of receiving free glasses) and
follow up care if diagnosed with certain eye related challenges. Pre
enrollment is mandatory for this special program.

Monday May 28th – The clinic will be closed in observance of Memorial Day

Monday June 4th – How to better manage your diabetes with the help of technology.
Join Jeff as we discuss ways to manage your diabetes with health related
“apps”, internet websites and new technology. We bring the best
info, sifting through the not so good stuff being marketed.

Monday June 11th – “How I beat my pre diabetes”
We welcome Ms. Sheron Brown PHD, educator
and healthy living coach as she shares her personal experience with
pre diabetes and health issues, resurrecting to the journey of a
healthier life. Prepare to be motivated!

Monday June 18th – Best proteins for our nutritional intake/healthy summer grilling

We welcome back Chef Donna Hortz-Sagan with the UF nutritional
program as her and Jeff highlight the best proteins, how much to
consume daily and several grilling tips for a healthier lifestyle;
some healthy protein snacks will be served as well.

Monday June 25th – “Keep that heart beating” – Debra
Hunter the clinics cardiac ARNP heads this discussion on the anatomy
of the heart, high blood pressure, cholesterol and how to keep it
going for a long life. Debra will also share the clinics cardio
vascular program information and if you may be eligible.


Monday July 16th – will be a healthy nutrition related event, with snacks and
appetizers, further information coming soon.