The Free Clinic’s Health Center provides free primary health care for low-income, uninsured adults in Pinellas County who have little means to receive adequate health care. The Health Center provides more than 9,000 basic health and wellness services – from health screenings to general care to specialty care – for free each year.

In recent years, the Health Center has begun to expand beyond providing medical services to treat conditions to helping people learn how to better manage chronic medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.

The Health Center’s diabetes education program has helped patients learn about different methods of maintaining their health, such as which vitamins to take, how to reduce stress and which foods to eat.

A Health Center patient says the education program motivates her to achieve her healthy lifestyle goals. She attends the diabetes education class every Monday to learn from medical experts and health professionals. Through the classes and healthy living coaching, she’s learning how to better manage her health through a healthier diet, a regular workout regimen and lifestyle changes.

These educational services have been provided in the Health Center’s lobby, which limited the ability to hold classes. It is holding one class a week with a capacity limited to only 20 participants.

Thanks to donations from generous supporters, the Free Clinic is expanding the Health Education Center to help even more people.

The Health Education Center will offer a variety of free, new classes aimed at supporting the community’s path to living a healthier, fuller life. Once open, it will host cooking classes focused on healthy eating and portion control in a state-of-the-art teaching kitchen. Plus, it will host yoga, fitness and exercise training classes.

Programs designed to aid people with medical conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular issues will continue. The Free Clinic is partnering with other local organizations to provide health educators in the Health Education Center.

It’s slated to open in the space next to the Health Center in summer 2019. It will be a place for the community to gather and receive support in their health and fitness journeys.

Learn how the Health Center can support your health goals.