Greg and Mollie Holden were drawn to St. Petersburg’s growth, community-centric vibe, and proximity to the water, so they moved to the city from Dallas in 2007.

Shortly after, Greg and Mollie were introduced to the St. Petersburg Free Clinic through their church. They attended the annual Battle of the Minds gala, which opened their eyes to the meaningful ways the Free Clinic helps those in need. The event inspired them to start volunteering at the Free Clinic’s We Help Services Client Choice Food Pantry.

Mollie, a Registered Dietitian, believes in the Client Choice model, which ensures clients have the proper necessities to feed their families in healthy ways. With the help of volunteers, clients walk through the food pantry and volunteers help them select food items that are best suited for their families and their dietary needs. Many fresh, healthy foods – including locally grown produce and fresh meats – are available through the pantry.

But Greg and Mollie wanted to do even more. They became monthly donors through the Free Clinic’s Helping Hands program, ensuring people in the community have access to life’s basic needs. Greg also became a member of the Free Clinic’s Board of Directors in 2017, and he’s now serving as the Treasurer.

Volunteering and donating to the Free Clinic have helped Greg and Mollie gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the St. Petersburg community. Even better: They know they’re making a difference for our neighbors in need each month.

You can become a monthly donor and start making a difference too.
Join Helping Hands, a passionate group of community-changers, who are committed to making sure everyone in Pinellas County has access to life’s basic needs – food, shelter and health care.

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