Maxine has lived in St. Petersburg for decades, raising her family and working as a nurse. She has always loved living in St. Petersburg, but once the children moved out she was ready to begin traveling with her husband. They had dreams to travel all over the United States.

Life took an unexpected turn when she learned that her grandchildren were being abused. The children were going to be put in foster care and separated if a family member did not take them in. Maxine stepped up without a doubt in her mind. She took in her six grandchildren and became their guardian.

She quit her job as a nurse to take care of the kids, ranging in age from 3-13. They lived in a two-bedroom apartment so the living quarters were tight, but they managed. Without Maxine’s income, they soon found out it would be hard to pay the bills each month. Their bills had nearly doubled with so many people under one roof. She was also spending a lot of money on gas each month driving the children to and from school, doctor’s appointments, and activities. With all of these new costs, Maxine was left with very little money for food each month.

That’s where St. Petersburg Free Clinic comes into the story. Maxine visits the We Help Services food pantry each month, often bringing a few of the kids with her. She relies on the food to help her get through the month. The pantry provides her with a 4-5 day supply of emergency groceries, including fresh produce, bread, meat and non-perishable food items. Maxine is just one of 50,000 community members who receive food through these efforts each month.

Additionally, when Maxine first took in the children, she had nothing for the smaller kids. She needed diapers, a crib, stroller and clothes. With your support, St. Petersburg Free Clinic provided all the necessary supplies to care for young children.

And just this month, Maxine had some unexpected medical costs for the kids and could not afford her water bill. Because of you, her water bill was paid so she could ensure the children received crucial medication.