It started with a simple plea on social media “Help!  I was just at the St. Pete Free Clinic and took at peek at their toilet[ries] pantry.  They rely almost exclusively on donations of soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene products…”

Ashley Ligas had just that morning toured the Free Clinic with the Junior League of St. Pete. She was shocked and saddened to see the hygiene shelves so empty of these basic items.  Feeling compelled to bring light to this issue and urge her friends to help, she typed, “I can’t imagine going without many things more basic than toilet paper and hygiene products”.13428440_646740038811789_8783478204757492903_n

Ashley had toured the Free Clinic before and said she always looks at the shelves of hygiene items.  Today, she decided to take action, “This isn’t just happening in some faraway place or just to the chronically homeless; it’s happening in your neighborhood, in your school, “ Ashley wrote.

Her call was heard when friends shared and reposted, among them SaintPetersBlog who echoed her call with, “The St. Petersburg Free Clinic needs your immediate help.”

And help they did!

Her challenge was heard and answered again and again by this community! Within just a few days, over $3,100 in donations arrived in response. Bags and buckets and grocery carts full of hygiene items poured in all week.

The power of community is incredible. Thank you for sharing, reposting and accepting this challenge.  Together, we are changing lives.

The shelves are full – for now.  But the need remains.  In an average day, 100 households are provided with food – and hygiene items when they’re available.  If you still want to accept the challenge to help your neighbors in need of basic hygiene items, it’s not too late.  Your monthly donation – designated to We Help Services – will help get more of these basic items to those in need.  Just $25 could buy 71 tubes of toothpaste; $50 could buy 80 rolls of toilet paper, or $100 could buy 103 bars of soap to be distributed to neighbors in need.

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