“It doesn’t have to be big – just get out there and do something.” These are words of advice from longtime donor and volunteer Donna Schonbrun.Donna

At age 62, Donna retired and knew she wanted to give back to her community through volunteering. When she heard about the St. Petersburg Free Clinic, she knew it was the perfect fit.

Donna’s passion to help the community is best seen in her volunteer work at the Free Clinic. Every Monday afternoon she helps with administrative tasks. On Sundays, she is the liaison between her church and the Free Clinic, encouraging donations that fill the barrel every Sunday – from hygiene items to canned goods to cash.

Donna strongly believes she has been blessed so she can bless others.

“We need to help each other”, she says “what you do doesn’t have to be big, just get out there and share what you were given”.

Donna believes in the work of the Free Clinic.  She sees firsthand that donations are used wisely, by going directly to help her neighbors in need.  “The Free Clinic interviews and talks to people – takes the time to hear what they need – and truly is changing lives”.

Donna is a powerful advocate and cheerleader for the Free Clinic.  She is a steady, faithful voice that reminds us that we all have something to give. Whether it’s a couple dollars, a can of soup, or an hour once a week – all of these gifts are changing the lives of those in need.

Thanks to the everyday heroes like Donna. Together, we are changing lives and turning hurt into hope.