Free Clinic Nurse Practitioner, Trudy Grossman with patient

Free Clinic Nurse Practitioner, Trudy Grossman with patient

Sometimes medical care serves to cure a diagnosis and other times its purpose is to help a patient achieve the highest quality of life possible while living with their disease. That is the type of care we were able to provide for Jason*. Along with being diabetic and in stage 3 kidney failure, Jason suffers from severe chest pains.

Jason has been told that the only chance for helping that pain is cardiac by-pass surgery. Major surgery is a big decision for anyone to process but when there is added pressure of having no insurance and facing the tens of thousands of dollars to be paid out of pocket the problem can become insurmountable.

Unsure of how to manage his condition or how to afford his health care with no insurance, Jason sought services with St. Petersburg Free Clinic’s Health Center. In his time being treated here he has utilized services from our nurse practitioner for general care, our diabetic educator for ongoing support as well as our volunteer cardiologist, urologist and nephrologist. Along with other medications, Jason was able to access a prescription through the Drug Assistance Program to help manage his chest pains.

At a recent visit with the Free Clinic nurse practitioner, Jason remarked “your team saved my life over this past year.” His treatment has allowed him to begin thinking about pursuing employment again once he explores less-invasive surgery that may now be available instead of a by-pass. Even though he still has a major health issue to hurdle the improvement of his quality of life over the past year has changed his outlook and prepared him to work towards better health and future employment. For that, he is eternally grateful.

*Names of clients were changed to protect their identity.