Patient criteria to receive medical care at St. Petersburg Free Clinic Health Center

  • Must be over age 18 and under age 65.
  • Must be a Pinellas County Resident.
  • Must be uninsured. If qualified for County medical, Medicare, Medicaid, or ACA, information will be provided on where to apply. Dental patients must be without dental insurance, and must be medically cleared for an appointment. Since the application process and first visit with the new provider may take a couple months, the Free Clinic may see the patient in the interim whenever possible. If denied coverage, patient must bring the Free Clinic the denial letter in order to recieve ongoing care, or be given an alternative referral as appropriate.
  • Must meet low-income status of being at, or less than, 200% of the federal poverty level.
  • If homeless, may see one time if able, and refer to Mobile Med Unit for future care.
  • Must be cooperative, non-disruptive and compliant in order to be eligible for ongoing care.

Dental patients must also meet these same requirements to receive care.