In May 2018, the Free Clinic opened its new Men’s Residence, which provides a safe, supportive and transitional shelter to single, homeless men working toward independent living.

The facility serves 28 men who live in seven two-bedroom apartments, with each unit sharing a kitchenette, bathroom and laundry facilities. An efficiency apartment serves as the sleeping area for men newly admitted to the program.

The building includes a community room for meetings, recreation, and skills-building sessions training men how to use a computer, write a resume, interview for jobs, and set a budget. The program requires men to set goals, start working and save money to help build toward independent living upon graduation from the program.

Donors contributed $1.1 million to the Free Clinic to purchase the 6,500-square-foot building, make repairs and purchase necessary furnishings and equipment.

A total of 78 men received support at the Men’s Residence last year.