The Free Clinic is celebrating the first anniversary of the Client Choice Pantry this month. It marks one year since we thanked our generous volunteers who made the expansion project possible.

These dedicated volunteers have continued to work in the Client Choice Pantry over the past year, and they’ve provided food and hygiene products to help thousands of clients a month.

Volunteers interview each client to evaluate their dietary needs and help them select foods best suited for their family. It creates a grocery store-meets-personal shopper experience where clients can choose the food they want within a structured process.

Since opening, we have seen the number of monthly visits by clients nearly double. The more dignified experience with the ability to choose their own food has left our clients feeling more respected. Additionally, there is less food waste each month as individuals only choose what they know their household will eat.

Clients with diabetes or high blood pressure have found the Client Choice Pantry especially beneficial. Fresh produce like fruits and vegetables are now more readily accessible for our clients to choose from.

With your support, the Free Clinic provided more than 7.6 million pounds of food over the past year.