Because Kids Deserve Better 

Two days is too long. No child should go hungry over the weekend. Thousands of children go Pack a Sackhungry in our community, many of these kids are fed by the Pinellas County school breakfast and lunch programs. So what happens on the weekends when school isn’t in session? Kids go hungry, and that’s why Pack-a-Sack was created.

We’re proud to provide approximately 975 children in our community with a Pack-a-Sack on a weekly basis. Our hope is to reach even more kids with your support.

Send Them Home with Hope

Every kid deserves to thrive. The physical and psychological effects of returning to school on Monday with an empty stomach is nothing short of heartbreaking.

This is where Pack-a-Sack comes to the rescue. It bridges the food gap so kids can be fortified with nourishment when school’s out. Each Pack-a-Sack contains 12 items to ensure kids have food to sustain them over the weekend.

Peek Inside a Pack-a-Snack

What’s in a Pack-a-Sack? Packed items include shelf stable milk, juice boxes, pudding, Vienna sausage, ravioli, peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers, granola bars, granola breakfast rounds, fruit snacks, cereal, and peanuts or peanut butter.


You can stop weekend hunger. Donate today.

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We need helping hands to stuff food items in our Pack-a-Sacks. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you’re packing a child’s weekend food supply. To volunteer, please call 727.821.1200.