What is St. Petersburg Free Clinic We Help Services?

Established in 1975, Free Clinic We Help Services provides emergency food and financial assistance, personal hygiene items, assistance with obtaining proper identification, bus passes, a bike assistance program and referral information.

Low to moderate income clients who are facing temporary problems, that if addressed, will prevent them from falling further through the cracks. Our philosophy is to provide help, not a handout. We assess and review each case on an individual basis. We provide direct assistance when appropriate and help determine longer-term solutions, connecting people with other community resources through information and referral.

128,000 services were provided to clients including emergency food, payment of utilities, assistance with obtaining ID’s and applying for social services in our We Help Services program last year.

Sarah’s Story

Sarah walked into the We Help lobby with her three small children one afternoon. She told the interviewers that her family moved here recently for a new job opportunity for her husband. Their temporary living situation until her husbands first paycheck came through was unpredictable and food she had purchased for her children to eat had been taken and eaten by someone else in the house. She was desperate to just get through the week. We Help was able to provide her with food and diapers for her children while they waited for that first paycheck.

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Thank you to the Pinellas Community Foundation for providing funding for our We Help Services Client Advocate.