Message From the Executive Director

Every day, the employees and volunteers of St. Petersburg Free Clinic are humbled by the extraordinary human needs that walk through our doors. A woman feeling exhausted all of the time, with nowhere to go for medical care; a father who lost his job, without a way to feed his children this weekend; a woman who has worked all of her adult life, but due to an extended illness used up all of her savings and is living on the street…the list goes on and on.

But, because of your generosity, the exhausted woman is diagnosed, then effectively treated for diabetes (she feels better, can go back to work and the awful results of uncontrolled diabetes are stopped or slowed). Because you care, we are able to give the father healthy groceries for the weekend for his children. And because you invest in the transformation of lives, the homeless woman relearns job skills, gets a job, pays off debts and moves into her own apartment! (She’s still living independently a year after leaving our program).

Some words and phrases that repeatedly come up when people describe St. Petersburg Free Clinic are: caring, respectful, accountable, effective, organized, volunteer driven, efficient, and flexible to changing community needs. We are, in fact, an organization you can invest in with the sure knowledge that your funds will be used very effectively to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors in crisis.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The thousands of meals and medical visits, millions of pounds of food, and individual lives that have been transformed simply would not occur without the generosity of our community. In partnership with St. Petersburg Free Clinic, you are making our community a better and a more compassionate place for us all.

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Beth Houghton