Early Learning Coalition (ELC)

Early Learning Coalition to expand School Readiness program in Pinellas County 

The Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas County is excited to announce it’s offering over 1,000 additional School Readiness scholarships to families with children, ages 0-12, in Pinellas County.  

The Early Learning Coalition’s School Readiness program pays a portion of tuition for children from low-income, working families and those with other risk factors that influence healthy child development. Parents pay a fee based on their household income. Access to affordable care is critical so parents can work to support their families. 

The School Readiness program is not just child care. Providers use age-appropriate curriculum delivered by trained early childhood educators that work closely with parents to assess developmental achievements. The program’s play-based learning environments and nurturing care foster a child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development. 

Parents can choose the best setting to meet the needs of their family. Child care services are available at contracted private preschools, family child care homes, school-age care providers and faith based schools. 

How to Apply: Visit us online at ELCPinellas.org and click For Families, School Readiness Scholarship section. https://elcpinellas.net/for-families/school-readiness-programs/