The St. Petersburg Free Clinic is accustomed to addressing the immediate and long-term needs of our community when impacted by natural disasters.

In 2017, Hurricane Irma swept through the Tampa Bay area leaving many of our neighbors without power, access to transportation, and access to food and water.

With assistance from Pinellas Emergency Operations Center, St. Petersburg Free Clinic delivered food and water to the most vulnerable by:

  • Delivering over a thousand Pack-A-Sacks to vulnerable children who were out of school but needed food
  • Distributing thousands of water bottles from FEMA to those in need in the community
  • Delivering ice to homebound senior citizens
  • Delivering food and water to a low-income apartment complex without power
  • Distributing food through our We Help Services food pantry
  • Assisting with water bills post-hurricane

We are prepared to respond to ongoing disasters, including Hurricane Michael if the storm impacts our service area.

To make a donation to help those affected by Hurricane Michael, you can click here.
When making your donation click Other in the Designation field and list Hurricane Michael as your designation

100% of designated donations will go to bringing relief to those affected by Hurricane Michael.
Funds raised in excess of what’s needed to respond to this particular crisis will be redirected to where the need is greatest.