What is St. Petersburg Free Clinic Health Center?

Established in 1970, Free Clinic Health Center provides primary health care services for adults aged 18-64 without private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid and who do not qualify for county-subsidized health care. Free Clinic Health Center offers basic health and wellness services by volunteer physicians and nurses along with a staff including a full-time nurse practitioner, a full-time diabetic health educator and full-time nurse coordinator. The Health Center helps patients get the medications they need through the Prescription Drug Assistance program. Diabetes is at near epidemic levels throughout our community. In reaction to this the Free Clinic Health Center created a Diabetic Education program that provides education, support and provision of medication and supplies to patients in our Health Center. This program has resulted in significant, measurable improvement in the health and lives of our diabetic patients.

In one year, over 9,000 points of service were provided by the Free Clinic Health Center and over $3.1 million of retail value prescription drugs were acquired for patients.

Carol’s Story

Carol had been an employee with a company for 22 years and had the best of medical insurances. She became very ill with multiple health needs, which led to her taking significant time off from work. Not only did she lose her job, but also her health insurance. Her savings did not last long. With nowhere else to turn for medical care, at 54 years old, she turned to the Free Clinic to see what it might be able to do to help.  At the Free Clinic, she had access to doctors and a nurse practitioner who ordered appropriate diagnostic tests. She learned of the conditions causing her sickness and was able to again take control of her life. She credits the Free Clinic with saving her life.

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